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    Is this possible in flex (Urjent Pls)


      Hello guys,

      May i know whether the following task possible in flex or not?.

      I'me  having advertisement magazine published every week.

      We publish  text and image advertisement.

      We use Adobe InDeisign to design  the pages in the magazine.

      Now we need to make software to reduce  the time in designing.

      My magazine page size is 30 x 100 cm.

      We  are going to make a software that will take details of advertisements  from the user and align on the page. And with one click of a button the  program gives output in pdf, jpg or whatever format.

      The program  should automatically adjust the ads for page and we should have options  to move freely drag and align the ads over the page, just like a drawing  surface.

      Now what programming language should flash, flex  or whatever.

      Can you experts pls suggest us.

      Anticipating  reply.


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          David_F57 Level 5



          Flex is a programming language so anything is possible, without knowing just how you expect layout to work its hard to give a definitive answer, if you are talking about dropping various size objects (assuming the ad is already in an acceptable format) and just moving them around and scaling them then it is easy enough in flex ,if you are talking about text wrapping around objects as you move them around and a more sophisticated layout engine then you need skilled flex developers and time.


          As far as converting the 'canvas' to either pdf or jpg output that is very easy, displayobject to jpg is built into flex and alive pdf is a component that streams flex display objects into a pdf format.


          To give you an idea of just what sort of layout you can do in flex go to http://www.whitechsolutions.com/imaginedemo/ its a demo of an application I was heavily involved with(my creation ) and does a lot more than just single page layouts.




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            tommario64 Level 1

            Hi David_F57


            Very nice into of your project.


            I'm not going to the complex text wrapping part.

            I have list of different size images, i'm not sure how to display and what component i should use, i need read from a folder display to the user in flex application.


            Below i'll have drawing surface, i guess i should use (Canvas component? pls suggest).


            So i drop the images on the drawing surface.


            For this requirement, Can you pls guide me what components should i have to use.


            Anticipating reply



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              David_F57 Level 5



              So basically you have 4 steps


              1. load images

                        for this you would use a file reference list to browse and load images into a listbox

              2. drop images

                        you could drag the image from the listbox onto the drawing surface (skinnable container is a good option)

              3. move/size images

                       http://gumbo.flashhub.net/sizeimage/  - this code will help you there


              4. output to image/pdf


              You need to think about output quality, for instance if you have an A4 page you need to consider the scaling of the display object and the effect of pixelation, Usually if the images are a reasonable size they are displayed on the canvas scaled down when you want to create the output you would redraw the 'page' in a fullsize memory 'canvas' then output that. at 240dpi an A4 page would be about 2300x1800 pixels.



              If you need help with any of this let me know




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                tommario64 Level 1

                Hi Davic_F57


                thanks for replies.


                I can not find the listbox control in the tool pallete.


                I think you are talking about list control.


                I searched for list control & file reference. Unforunately i can not useful information.


                Also i need display text on the Canvas (as you said Skinnable Container), i think i can use Label for that.


                Please suggest.


                Thanks for your time.

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                  David_F57 Level 5



                  I have created a simple project that has the basic image features, such as load from drive into a list then drag to 'dropcanvas', I limited myself to time so things like hover scrolling on the list isn't enabled and the drop is pretty basic, you can move and resize images but there is no facility to change the display order or delete a dropped item, also I forgot to enable clipping on the drop canvas(didn't have time to upload another build) so the dropped images will display outside of the drop area if you move them to that point.





                  For text you could also have a drop routine that drops a text box onto the page which you could then add content.




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                    tommario64 Level 1

                    Hi David_F57.


                    Thanks for reply.


                    Please give some time to study the code.

                    Best Regards