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    performing actions on a selection based on object type

    Stephen Horne



      I'm trying to write an applescript that considers the current selection, then redefines the scaling of any lines from that selection to 100%, then sets the absolute horizontal scale of the remaining items of the selection to 100%.


      My attempts so far are:


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"


      set Original_Selection to selection

      set Lines_Selection to every graphic line of Original_Selection --this part doesn't seem to work

      set transform reference point of layout window 1 to center anchor

      select Lines_Selection

      redefine scaling of selection to {1.0, 1.0}

      select Original_Selection -- but it needs to be "Original_Selection minus Lines_Selection" somehow

      set absolute horizontal scale to 100


      end tell


      None of it is really working as I would expect, but I'm having trouble educating myself about the syntaxes required. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong?