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    iriver story and mac os x?




      I read two other threads of people saying they have a problem with their iriver story and getting ebooks on it. However, my problem seems to be not exactly the same, since I don't even see the iriver being connected. Or, I see that it is attached since it pops up on my desktop, but nothing happens in Adobe... Can anyone tell me what is supposed to happen or even have a suggestion as to how to solve this problem.



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          Got this info from Adobe helpdesk:


          Connect your Story and if you don't get a window to connect, press Cmd+Shift+E and see if you get the window.


          If you don't get the window, close ADE and reopen whilst your Story is still connected.  You may get the window to connect directly.  If not, press Cmd+Shift+E.


          It was this last one which did it for me.