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    Creating a stroke order for Japanese fonts

    buck415 Level 1

      Hello. I'm a novice with AI, using CS4 on Windows 7.


      I'm creating worksheets to show the stroke order for Japanese fonts. My goal is to design a worksheet that shows the font followed by a few faded versions of the same that the user may trace over to practice drawing the font. The faded version will have the stroke order illustrated around its design, and the strokes should have an arrow that indicates the direction.


      I can create a line with an arrowhead without any difficulty (#2 in the image included below), but some of the Japanese fonts are complex and I would also like the illustration of the stroke path to be as close in angles and degress as the original font.


      In the image below, I have duplicated the first version of the faded font, created an outline of it, deleted unwanted paths, and made some minor adustments to the paths to better reflect the stroke path around the actual stroke (#1). Stroke #2 was created using a line, then Effect > Stylize > Add Arrowheads.




      When I attempt to apply the arrowheads to the remaining paths of stroke #1 (the backwards "j"), the object gets filled even though only the stroke is assigned a color and the fill is set to empty.




      Is it possible to select a font, create it to paths, delete the unwanted points and then convert the remaining points to a line so that an arrowhead may be attached?


      Is there a simpler for me to create stroke paths with arrowheads for fonts?


      Thank you,