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    Zi8 import issues


      I've spent an hour in here, not to mention the 3 or so hours online looking everywhere else under the sun, but still I can't find a basic solution to this problem: Premiere Elements 7.0 doesn't like the MOV. format that come from my new Zi8 camcorder. I used some freeware to convert the files to MPG and AVI, and it still doesn't work---the audio comes through with a slight echo.


      I've been using Premiere Elements for years (previous version was 2.0) and I've never had any import issue before, so I'm utterly frustrated. I don't want to use some other video editing software because I like PE and know all its tricks.


      I found the other threads about G-Spot, but I didn't find that information helpful because after I do all that analysis, I don't know what I'm supposed to do with the information.


      Can someone just point me to an application that will export the files into a format PE will use that doesn't have garbled audio and choppy video? Or is there a specific codec I can install that will fix the problem? Are there other codecs I need to UN-install first? Is there a post somewhere that has a step-by-step solution to this obviously common problem, and I'm just missing it? BTW, I'm a techie and sit around writing complex documents about software, and I can't believe this problem is so beyond my grasp. At this point, I'm NOT a Kodak fan.


      The footage was all shot in 1920 x 1080.  If I lose some of the high def, I can live with that, since this is going to end up as an online video anyway. I just need decent online quality.


      Thanks in advance for your help in getting this resolved. (And yes, I should have researched the stupid camera more before I bought it and used it to shoot some rather critical video I need for a work-related project.)

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          In you reading, did you come across this THREAD? There are links to several other threads and articles down-thread a bit.


          As for the G-Spot data, can you post a screen-cap of the program, with one of the files Open?


          Also, there are three very popular H.264 CODEC's: Apple, Lead and MainConcept. Some users have had issues with the Apple (mainly on Export/Share), and I have heard nothing but good reports on Lead and MainConcept.


          Also, H.264 is heavily compressed, and does require a robust system to decompress and edit it smoothly.


          Along the way, can you give complete system specs., especially things like your I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's, their size, speed, controller type, free space and how you have them allocated? With almost every other format/CODEC, besides AVCHD, which is heavily CPU dependent, the I/O is the most important aspect for editing.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I agree with Hunt. The Kodak Zi8 shoots in MP4 -- but it does not shoot in AVC/H.264, the codec Premiere Elements is designed to work with.


            As with the Flip camera, you will need to convert its video to a more standardized format before you can work with it in Premiere Elemnets, per the FAQs to the rigth of this forum.



            The ideal tool for converting this video to DV-AVIs is Quictime Pro from Apple.

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              rmarmaduke Level 1

              The file format that I can download from the camera itself is MOV, and I'd like to get it into another format that Premiere Elements can handle. For $30, I'd say Quicktime Pro looks like a good answer. I'll try it when I get home from work this evening. Thanks.

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                rmarmaduke Level 1

                Don't have access to my home PC at the moment, but I do remember checking last night and I had at least a Gig of free space. It's a fairly new HD, and I seem to recall that I have ample RAM. Still, that's not to say it's adequate for the demands of High Def. It just thought that since I've managed to work with some gigantic VOB files before, and these files are actually broken up into short scenes, well, it ought to work, doggone it!


                Anyway, I'm going to take a look this evening. I think Steve may be onto something with Quicktime Pro. I also looked at the thread you referenced, and that looked as though it might provide more insight.


                I'll let you know how it turns out when I get back to it this evening. Thanks!

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                  I'm interested to hear if you've had any luck with the quicktime pro conversion.  I'm using premiere pro, and the video looks horrendous at playback, and Adobe Media Encoder doesn't do a good job of converting to anything that is HD.  Oddly enough, if I convert to a standard def mov, then the quality is fairly good.  This camera takes good solid images, but this file-type issue has me very close to sending it back.

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                    nealeh Level 5

                    rmarmaduke wrote:

                    ... I had at least a Gig of free space. It's a fairly new HD,...

                    Two points arising :


                    One GB of free hard disk space is virtually equivalent to none. DV-AVI files run at 10GB+ per hour of footage. During rendering as much as 100GB free space may be needed.


                    "It's a" in the singular suggests you have only a single HDD. That is not great for PRE. Two fast physical disks are pretty much a minimum, three preferred.


                    You should aim to get perhaps 100GB free space on your drive.  So:

                    • use the Windows built in DiskCleanup utility - perhaps delete all restore points prior to the last.
                    • delete all temporary files - CrapCleaner is good for this.
                    • use the excellent SpaceSniffer for identifying what uses most of your disk space. If you have an external drive move across the larger files you don't currently use.


                    Once you have made as much free space as you can defragment the drive so that the free space is in a contiguous block.


                    Here's some useful Microsoft links:


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                      rmarmaduke Level 1

                      Hi folks,


                      I meant to get back to you yesterday and got swamped. I never did specifically check out all the details on my system, but suffice it to say, I do have 3 hard drives, one of which is some super-duper beast my husband installed last year, and 3/4's of the beast drive is empty.


                      But all the system stuff is a bit of a rabbit hole. Bottom line is this--unless one has a system that is set up to do pro-level video editing, there is little hope that your average video enthusiast will be able to work with high def files shot at 1080 resolution in any amateur editing software, including PE.


                      I did purchases Quicktime Pro, and I was able to get the files into a format that worked, albeit at a much lower resolution. So that part of the equasion was solved. However, I believe that I will get a much better result if I re-shoot the sequences at a lower resolution and import those into PE. Every time a file is converted, you're going to lose stuff, and the fewer conversions the better. So I'm going to to take the path that uses the fewest conversions--rather than take the native format and put it through all those conversions to get it into PE.


                      I will definitely follow your advice, nealeh, because working with video takes a toll on the old PC. It could benefit from a tune-up under any circumstances. But I'm resigned to going back and re-shooting the video at a lower resolution in a file format that PE can swallow. I'm rather convinced that any editing software on my system will choke under the weight of those enormous MOV files. I'm just glad that I started my project early, and that the video I shot can be recreated.


                      And by the way, I have learned to HATE Apple through my iphone experience, and I was truly desperate when I resorted to QT Pro, since I swore I'd never sucumb to another Apple experience.



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                        rmarmaduke Level 1

                        I'm going to do a test tonight with a different resolution. If it doesn't yield a good result, yeah, I'm going to send it back too. The fact that you are using PRO (and still have the same issues) isn't reassuring.