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    Two problems with .swf on the web

    d0brin Level 1

      I have a question. I have created my website and i am loading in it an image from XML file. I tested the index.html file locally on my browser and the image is loaded successfully but when i upload all the files + the image file in the root directory of my website this image doesn't load? Any ideas?


      The second thing is that i have made my flash file with swfaddress.js. It creates hot links to the different parts of my flash website by adding this mysite.com/#/home. With this script the links are not static, they are dynamic. The problem is when i test locally my site, it loads perfectly and the hot links doesnt work cuz the site is locally, but on the host when its uploaded the hot links work, but when the transition animation of the pages comes the site stucks into some lag bubble and it doesn't want to proceed playing unless i press right click and Play. And the odd things is that i see it like this only on my PC other people that use the same browser have seen the site and they doesnt have this problem ant ideas?