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    9-point scaling

    cibgraphics Level 1

      This is already a feature in Fireworks, but I do not like to work in Fireworks. It slows me down.  I prefer to do all my web mocks and other work in Photoshop instead.


      That being said, I think many web designers and photoshoppers would benefit from 9-point scaling in their images (especially when it comes to rounded corner shapes.)

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          What specifically do you need beyond what the warp transform already does?

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            cibgraphics Level 1

            This is old sorry, but I would like 9-point-scaling so when I do web design my rounded rectangles don't need to be redrawn everytime I need to make a change.

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              Ok, but do you need smart rounded rectangles (relatively simple), or 9 point scaling (something more complex and general).


              Again, it helps to know what problem you are trying to solve (and all the related problems, so we can make sure the solution fits).

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                cibgraphics Level 1

                I guess smart rounded rectangles would solve my particular problem actually.

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                  chirp88 Level 1

                  Chris, does it matter? Both of those features would be welcome additions to Photoshop. Actually, Illustrator as well.

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                    cibgraphics Level 1

                    Funny enough in CS5 Illustrator did get a feature that is darn near close to 9-point scaling.  In fact, even though Adobe calls it something different (if I remember correctly), I am probably just going to call it 9-point scaling

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                      Yes, the distinction matters.

                      One takes less time, and probably has more applications than you might realize, but isn't precisely what the user was originally asking for.

                      The other would probably take more time, and really only applies to scaling some UI elements.


                      I'd rather spend my development time on something that solves the most problems for the most users.

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                        chirp88 Level 1

                        So, do you actually get to choose what features you want to include in Photoshop upgrades? I thought some upper

                        management non-programmer person did that?


                        Not to hijack this thread, but it seems like the 3D features in PS were added for a minority of people. Most 3D artists that I know about do not use Photoshop to work on their 3D models, textures or otherwise. It seems that a feature like this must have been very difficult to program and something would have been more beneficial to ALL users would have been Styles (both graphic and text) that would actually act like styles in other Adobe software. You change the Style and then all objects using that Style are automatically updated to reflect. This is a feature I've requested for the last 8 years I believe and something that everyone would welcome. It seems like Adobe is trying to get more of the "wow" factor than the usability factor.


                        Anyway, if I were to cast my vote here, it would be not just for smart rounded rectangles, but it would have to be smart shapes. Changing the number of sides on polygons, rounding corners, star points, being able to choose which points to round rather than affecting all points on a shape, etc.

                        I think that 9-slice scaling would be very useful for web developers using PS rather than Fireworks, but all users would benefit from smart shapes.

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                          Features in Photoshop are always a negotiation between the engineers and marketing types.  (ask John Nack about that :-)

                          We're all looking for what will help the customer do their work better or faster (sometimes both), but we have many different perspectives.


                          Yes, the 3D features are currently used by a small percentage of users. But the demand for 3D is growing (even among web designers), the demand for 3D integration has been there for a while -- so we needed to get it in and start refining the features (get feedback, fix bugs, see what else people need beyond the basics).  Photoshop is not a 3D modeler, but Photoshop needs to work with the image side (editing and some rendering) of 3D to tie into other 3D applications/workflows.


                          Do you think every user used 16 bit/channel when those features were added?  And for a few versions 16/bit/channel was only minimally supported (no layers, etc.).   Now what photographer DOESN'T use 16 bit/channel?


                          Some features are so big that they can't be completed in a single cycle -- but we need to start on them at some point or they'll never get done.  And you start by building the foundation and framework -- the chrome comes last.



                          Changing the number of sides on polygons, rounding corners, star points, being able to choose which points to round rather than affecting all points on a shape, etc.

                          That's why the change would be useful to more people.

                          The same changes required to make the rounded rectangle remember it's parameters (and let you change them later), are what is required for your request (well most of it).   Picking specific points to round differently would require a few more changes, plus more new UI.