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    Issues connecting to Twitter API - no authentication window

    Elliott Kember

      Hey guys,


      I haven't worked on my application, Spreadtweet, for some time - but suddenly it's not working properly.


      The application connects to the Twitter API using JSON, and up until now there's been a system UI prompt for credentials. This worked fine - I could access the API just fine.


      However, now there is no authentication window for any version of my application. It doesn't seem to be a problem with Twitter, as they don't seem to have changed anything, or with my application, because this is affecting even older versions of the code which definitely worked.


      I've checked the CHANGELOGs for a change to the AIR runtime which prevents cross-domain JSON requests - but no luck. I checked the window.htmlLoader.authenticate - but that's still set to true.


      Has there been a change to the AIR runtime that might have changed this?


      Thanks in advance,