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    Does the ability to listen for hard-coded functions exist?

      The question, here, is a simple one. The execution, however, has turned out to make for one devil of an app.

      My application, in essence, is a simple image map with buttons. The user clicks a button, and a menu SWF, made using ScriptOcean's menu app, given to me by another department, is overlayed in the appropriate place until the user selects another menu somewhere else. This makes it extremely easy on me, as all I need to do is position the menu and move on to graphic design and placement on the appropriate webpage.

      The problem here, is that I can make very little modification to the appropriate menu SWF. In essence, this means that any AS or graphic changes I make to the menu must exist for all frames of said menu so that I can easily apply them again if the menu changes. What I have been trying to do of late is assign global event listeners to certain functions within the menu SWF so that I can easily code in responses to common tasks within the menu code, so that I can simply load them into an invisible container that exists in all frames of the timeline, and duplicate that container into any subsequent menu revisions.

      As of now, almost all links inside the menu use getURL. To put it simply, is there a way to define getURL as broadcaster, so that I can listen to it from inside the container's layer, which activates on upon loading? Many thanks in advance, by the way.