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    Blocky and blurred playback of avi files in PRE8.0

    Miceal Zimmer Level 1

      I am using 64-bit Windows 7, 4GB RAM, an Intel T4300 Dual Core processor (2.10 GHZ) and an ATI Radeon HD4530 graphics card (512Md dedicated). I have the up to date ATI driver and have updated PRE 8 with the 8.0.1 fix from the Adobe site. I am using a Sony Mini DV camcorder attached to the computer by firewire.


      I import my video from the camcorder into PRE 8 using capture. When video is imported it plays back very blocky and blurred on the preview screen and it is much worse on the full screen. However, when the project has been completed and burned to DVD it plays fine on TV. I have also tried playing the same video in Windows Media Player and it plays back fine with this. I may be wrong but it seems to me from this that the problem exists with the video playback facility within PRE 8.0. I have not altered any settings from the default ones set by PRE 8.0 other that to select the widescreen option when creating the project pre-sets. The camcorder is set to record the images in widescreen. I have also rendered the work area.


      Are there any settngs or updates to resolve this issue? Is  there a different codec I should use within PRE 8.0?


      I would be grateful for any suggestions to resolve this or at least obtain reassurance that I haven't missed anything and I will, for the moment, put up with this until Adobe, or some one else, comes up with a fix.