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    RoboHelp 6, XAML and RoboHelp Server 6

      Has anybody used RoboHelp 6 or RoboHelp 6 Server to generate .NET3 compatible XAML Help Files? Also, If I want to try a demo copy, do I install RoboHelp 6, and then RoboHelp 6 Server? or does RoboHelp6 Server have everything RoboHelp 6 has? Thanks!
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi TechWriterKat2. I can't help you on the .NET2 compatible XAML help but I can with the differences between RoboHelp 6 and RoboHelp 6 Server. The former is the tool that you use to produce the help output. The RoboHelp 6 Server is an add on tool that some people use to publish their help output to a web server where their users access it. They are then able to use RoboHelp 6 Server to run various reports on user usage, etc. So you do not need RoboHelp 6 Server to produce the help. You don't even need it to publish to a server unless you want to use some of the advantages it lists on the Adobe website. Hope this helps.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            Hopefully Colum won't mind a teensy addition here. RoboHelp 6 all by its itty bitty self is quite capable of producing WebHelp output that can also exist on a server. The key difference here is the reporting ability and the ability to automatically index content such as Word and PDF files.

            Often folks misunderstand this. They desire to create output that is placed on a server (like WebHelp or FlashHelp) and that's as far as they want or need. But they end up purchasing RoboHelp Server and it's wasted money. So unless you specifically desire the features RoboHelp Server offers, you don't need it.

            Cheers... Rick