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    Solid Red Box in SWF?

    Jedi Negotiator

      Hello I need some help.


      I am making a flash video game. You will have control of a spaceship that is going to go to space. I made a 550x30,000 JPG file in photoshop to use in flash as the background for the game. 30,000 pixels is about what I need to make a good scale of the earths atmosphere because earths atmosphere is about 36,000 feet high and I was goign to use a scale of 1 pixel = 1 foot.


      When I import the jpg to flash and test the movie instead of my background all I see a a plain red box in the movie window. It fills the whole stage.


      This led me to think that there could be a pixel limitation. If so what are the limitatoions and how can I get around them?