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    Help! I'm desperate, imported PPT's are giving me nightmares on export!


      Greetings fellow Captivators, it's my first post here. I hate to jump right in and beg for help, but I'm really beside myself here, and am losing ground/time on a major project due to this bug/error/mistake.


      First let me explain the project to you:


      1. I start by importing a 2007 PPT file, with only simple timings (EX: wait 10 seconds, show bullet, wait 10 seconds, show bullet, etc...) NOTHING FANCY.


      2. Then, we had our content expert narrate all of these slides.


      3. Inserted throughout the project are FLV's that play on their own slides, no problems here.


      When I go to export, things work fine, everything exports and I can load the whole project up onto our FTP server (eventually it will live in a Moodle install...)




      Many of the narrated slides have strange behavior on the LAST TIMING of the slide, the are erratic, they don't always finish their animation, or they pause, and you have to hit play to move the last animation the final few pixels...


      This causes horrible UI problems, the narration is still playing in the background, but the bullet get stuck, and the user has no idea what to do, when they narration DOES finish, the slide doesn't advance because its "stuck", they then have to push a combination of play and next to advance the slide, total disaster.


      The problem is inconsistant, and happens slightly different each time, but it's serious issue and my client is obviously frustrated as well.


      Does anyone have experience with problematic timing on timed elements on imported slides?


      Is the slide trying to pause until the narratation is finished?


      Are there specific export settings that could be causing this?

      You can see the problem here:



      On the FOURTH slide in, titled "Prep For Visit" the last bullet, titled "Explore" should 3 have sub-bullets that load....


      Thanks in advance for all your help, when Captivate 5 comes out for the Mac, I look forward to being able to provide help and assistance back to the community (Apple nerd in the house...)