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    Tag editor not remembering previously-entered values

    Adam Cameron. Level 5


      If I type in <cffile> and then press CTRL-T, I get the tag editor dialogue pop-up.  So I then enter in the value for FILE, before realising I've got ACTION="APPEND" selected, rather than ACTION="WRITE", so I click on WRITE, and the FILE attribute value is now blank.  Now the value was a long and convoluted variable name or soemthing, so instead of having to type it back in, I flick back to the APPEND option.  And the FILE option is blank there too.  Frustrating.


      I think it would be better if the following two amendments were made:

      1) same-named attribute values are preserved between different sets of attributes.  So if I fill in FILE on the ACTION="APPEND" attribute set, and I flick to ACTION="WRITE", the FILE attribute value is populated there too.

      2) preserve attribute values wherever they're filled in, so if one switches to/from different attribute sets, and back again, the previously entered values are still presented.  This would require moving the submit action to be attribute-set-specific though, I guess.