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    Is Flash a Dying Technology


      I saw a post in the Dreameaver forum

      and a quote from Steve Jobs that Flash is a "Dying technology". What are you thoughts?

      Article here.

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          little*big*man Level 2

          I don't think so.  Jobs is speaking from a standpoint of "what can X do for Apple products to help consumers digest our content."  If he can sell books and mp3s without Flash, so be it.  HTML5, Javascript, etc may be able to do things that Flash is good at, but there are some things that Flash offers that you can't do nearly as well with other platforms, especially with all the workflow integration with PS and Illustrator.



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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            That just wishful thinking... some folks just have personal issues with Flash.

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              sholditch Level 1

              I'm starting to develop personal issues. I have been trying to get a button to play an imported video for two solid days without any succ

              ess. I have looked for help everywhere and the only spot that has been the least bit productive has been this forum. Even research

              ing specific error messages on the adobe support site yielded nothing. I think Flash could seriously help itself out wit

              h a much more user friendly way to get specific answers to specific questions.