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    How do I make a text box and other info disapear in Live Cycle v.8?


      Hello Everyone,


      I am creating a new document from scratch.  If the user clicks the check box (yes) then I want a text field and text label to appear for the user to fill out.  Otherwise the fields and text should not display at all.



      I was able to do this in Acrobat (for a simple text field) but I can't figure it out in LC.


      This is what I had in action for the check box Acrobat. My java skills are low and I am still learning.


      var f = this.getField("Text3")
      if(event.target.isBoxChecked(0)) {
        f.display = display.visible;
      } else {
      f.display = display.hidden;

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



      Radio Reta