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    Html Parsing

    Rajesh Kaki Level 1
      I have html page , I want to display that html page into flash, for that i need to parse all html tags into flash, extract the data from html and display that into flash.

      How can i do this in flash? I mean parsing of html.

      Is there anyway to convert html to xml dynamiccally in flash(through flash scritping)? Then parsing will be easy in flash using xml

      Can anyone help on this problem?
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          What do you need to know exactly beyond what kglad already told you here:

          http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=15&catid=288&threadid =1298663

          How can i do this in flash? I mean parsing of html.

          You don't "parse" html in flash, you assign it the htmlText property of a html enabled textfield. You WOULD need to parse it if it contains something that might break in flash's limited set of html tags.

          You can parse it as an xml object if you need to do so... as long as it contains all closed tags...i.e. it is compliant to xml requirements... but some html won't be like that. Beyond that you sole means of manipulation are via the string methods as kglad already mentioned. And this is probably a more robust approach if the html is not xml compliant.

          If you have specific questions related to your approach... then post code snippets with the 'attach Code' button

          BTW when I say "parsing" I mean in a very general sense... the sense of walking through the raw data to interpret it. So using your own string manipulation approach is also a form of 'parsing' the raw data.