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    APE 8.0.1 high background CPU Utilization


      When certain actions occur like:

      1. Opening an existing project.

      2. Adding an audio (.wav) file to a project.

      The cpu utilization stays high (50-90%) for several minutes.

      I have disabled "background rendering".

      During this period of high cpu utlization, most, if not all functions, of APE are available but, of course, very slow.

      When I encounter this situtation I just wait until the cpu drops to normal otherwise it's very annoying.

      Any idea what causes this behavior and if there is a method or setting to reduce this cpu load?





      Intel Core Duo E6550, 4GB memory, 1 system sata drive and 1 project sata drive.

      Windows 7 x64.

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          nealeh Level 5

          When you add the audio file look to the bottom right of the screen - you wil probably see that PRE is creating the pek file.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Neale has probably hit it on the head. At Import, all Audio must be "Conformed" to 32-bit floating point, i.e. the CFA files, and will also write the PEK, which are the Waveform Display files, so you can see the Audio Waveform. There is a progress bar in the lower-right of the GUI. Let that process complete. Do not edit, until it is complete.


            Good luck,



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              VDOSurfer Level 3

              You also mentioned opening an existing project. What kind of assets are in that project? How long after opening the project does the CPU usage stay high? Does this happen when opening a new project?

              Do other apps also consume the same amount of CPU? (If you're not sure, try playing a HD clip in vlc/Windows Media Player and note the CPU)

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                dennisbthomas Level 1

                And the answer is:


                When starting a new project or opening an old project the results are the same.

                This his cpu is caused by the setting in the Organize/Media panel where the Filter by: is set to Set Album.

                Since I have been doing many projects the number of assets (video, still, music) that I have used has been increasing over time. So APE seems to be spending lots of cpu time getting these assets processed for some reason.


                If the Filter by: is changed to something else like the current project directory, then the cpu drops to zero immediately.


                Unfortunately there doesn't seem a way to save this selection. When you open up a project that was saved with Filter by:

                set to a project directory, it reverts back to the Set Album default option.


                Is there something I have overlooked.


                Thanks to everyone for posting the helpful ideas.

                Thanks Dennis



                When I add a mp3 audio file I do get, for a moment, a message in the lower right about conforming. When I used a wav file, no such message.

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                  VDOSurfer Level 3

                  Ooops.. It is the Auto Analyzer then!!!

                  Check the task manager and check if this "demon" (not daemon) is running. That is sure to eat up CPU, in a big way. Kill it... And see the usage.

                  It should be called ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe

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                    dennisbthomas Level 1

                    The only other Adobe program running is PhotoshopServer.exe *32, which isn't accumulating cpu.

                    The only thing that makes the cpu drop is by setting the Filter by: to the current project directory.



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                      dennisbthomas Level 1

                      Even though the Filter by: selection always defaults to Select Album when reloading a project, I have found that the

                      Show Video/Audio/Still Image Icon settings will stay selected between project reloads. So if you turn them all of (No Show) then, upon reloading a project, they will stay off and the CPU won't spike.