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    I had Reader 5.0, then installed Reader 9, now all my .PDF icons are just white Windows files

    Adobe Bugware

      Greetings. I have Windows 2000, SP4. I "had" Adobe Reader 5.0, and decided to load the latest reader. So I loaded Reader 9.0, and now all my .pdf files look like white unrecognized files. If I click on them, Reader still opens them, but the icons for all the .pdf files are wrong.


      I then un-installed the old Reader 5.0 (I thought that Reader 9 would have doe that for me, but didn't) and rebooted. Still, the file icons are screwed up. I uninstalled Reader 9, re-installed Reader 9....same thing. I did a "repair installation" of reader 9..........same problem.


      So how do I fix this mess? I want the .pdf file icons back the way they were.


      Many thanks, ARG


      If you have an easy fix, please email to: yankeeman(at)linkline(dot)com