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    Customizing javascript popup windows (in IE)

    FlashTapper Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm quite familiar with having javascript executing pop up windows in ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 - but I just noticed a discrepency when i was comparing my pages on the local drive and on the destination server.


      Scenario is this:

      I have a Flash menu with links to pages and some of them are popup pages with customized sizes. On my local machine the popups appear in the window with no toolbars except the blue title bar with the three icons in the top right corner (minimise, maximise and close). But when I tested the page on the server with IE I got about 3 extra toolbars appear (snaggit, contribute and the URL address & forward and back arrows) - is there anyway to control this? By the way I have Snaggit and Contribute installed so there is a good reason for them appearing.


      But the real problem comes about when you have web users who aren't so savvy and have inadvertantly installed about 10 or more IE toolbars (mostly from downloading freeware software). Is there a way or a function of javascript that can tell the extra toolbars to just "go away!"


      Have tested this page on Firefox and Chrome and there are no problems...only IE - sigh.....always the one isn't it?