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    Future proofing plugins.

    Rallymax Level 2

      Hi Zac and team.


      First off - it's great that you've made a forum!


      I have a broad question...


      If my Premiere Pro (thus v7 api) is crashing in CS3 (and probably CS4 etc) is there something I should be looking for in the behavour change from Pro to CS3 etc that would help me understand why?


      The plugin I'm working on at the moment is for CS3 - is there semething I should keep an eye on to make sure it works in CS4 and (if you can say) CS5?


      When will a CS5 SDK come out?





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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hey Rallymax, congrats for being the first to raise a question in this SDK forum.


          What type of plug-in are you developing?  A video filter, video transition, importer, recorder ...?  The SDK Guide has a "What's New" section at the beginning of each chapter, and that would be the first place to look to see what has changed from version to version.  The CS3 SDK (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/premiere/sdk/cs3/) has info on the changes from 1.0 to CS3.  The CS4 SDK has info on changes from 2.0 to CS4.


          Since Premiere Pro CS5 is a 64-bit native application, it will require 64-bit plug-ins.  The CS5 SDK will be posted to the DevNet site when CS5 ships.  Stay tuned for the CS5 announcement with details on the release on April 12th at http://cs5launch.adobe.com/.