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    Image TileList Caching Options


      Hi, I'm using a TileList with 1000s of images and setting an ItemRenderer that is displaying each image from a dynamic source (outside url). I have played around with some of the caching options:


      1. using a dictionary to store bitmap data

      2. using the layout updateDisplayList to force the virtual elements to render

      3. trying to not use virtual layout


      but they all have their disadvantages and I'm only finding that what I need is going to be in a paging system. So i'm reaching out here to see if anyone has any hints or suggestions on how to do what I want w/o reverting back to a paging system. Essentially the problem is this, the TileList uses virtualLayout by default which I love but the viewport on the scroller doesn't render the items that you about to view until they are already on the screen.


      Using option 1 above, I have to manually track the images in the Dictionary to determine what I can release or cache but this really seems too complex for such a simple design.


      Is there a way to force the viewport to think its visible area is larger so items off screen will render before they are visible? (if I use option 2 above to acommplish this it seems to result in memory usage similar to setting useVirtualLayout="false" which is not what I want)


      My end goal is to get a list that as you scroll through it does not flicker for the most part and doesn't use tons of memory. If a user is scrolling quickly through the list I'm ok with some flicker.