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    Video/Audio Sync Issues


      I've uplaoded 2 different sets of media files in my project.  The videos work independently.  The audio and video are attached and have not been seperated.  One set of files are experiecning audio glitches.  I've then brought both sets of files into Movavi, and the opposite files are experiencing glitches.  Is my goal impossible?  What's a plausible solution?

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          shooternz Level 6

          Not much for anyone to go on here...!


          ...so start ...

          with what sort of media files?

          What version of Premiere?

          What platform OS?

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            rumeliss Level 1

            Windows 7, Adobe Premiere Pro 7, mpg's.


            Apparently they are the same file names, but one is an original mpg and the other one was converted from mov to mpg.  The converted file looks fine seperately but does not function well in Adobe Premeire.

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              shooternz Level 6

              You really need to identify this issue a lot more clearly so we are not playing"twenty questions"


              So I am now thinking (guessing) that your issue is mpeg and not avi?


              What does "havoc" mean in context of your issue?

              What hardware are you running?  eg MOB/CPU/ Drives etc


              Have you used Premiere before? (or are you a Premiere virgin?)

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                brian100780 Level 1

                i have noticed when i use mini dv to import video at times the audio and video is not synced. i have come to find out that this is due to a worn down firewire cable. i now use the flip camera and with the help of soundbooth, my videos are good.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  This ARTICLE might be helpful to give us the necessary info.


                  Please pay special attention to those Assets. The more detail furnished, the better. AVI, MPEG and MOV are but "wrappers," and can contain almost anything. The great, free utility, G-SPOT will give you the full details.


                  For correcting OOS, this ARTICLE will be helpful.


                  Good luck,



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                    rumeliss Level 1

                    After checking the OOS, it's not out of sync, it's glitching.  His  "mac" files are glitching in Premiere, my mpg1s are glitching in  Movavi.  Meanwhile NONE of the files are glitching in Windows Movie Maker.  These glitches are consistent but in random locations, and no not locations I had razored.  Once the "MAC files" are loaded into Premiere they have glitches, before I begin editing.


                    I'm on my personal PC which is only 5 months old.  In the past I've dealt with glitches too on older computers and different editing softwar, (nero 7, roxio vhs to dvd, now premiere) and as I said I've also tested this out on my laptop and have dealt with the exact same glitches.  Premeire is encodign these glitches durign import.


                    I just looked in the forums for this more defined issue and it is exactly like this unasnwered forum:  http://forums.adobe.com/message/1702092#1702092


                    "While playing it seems to jump a few frames ahead every so often  before it's actually supposed to and then will teleport back. This is  before exporting or anything. Just going from import to viewing the  imported clip in Premiere. "


                    Sorry I quoted myself and there is no undo:

                    While waiting for a response I've begun extratcing audio of files and adding it as "music" to Windows Movie Maker so i can have some semblance of a finished product, ebcause somethign is better than nothing.  I'm still 2 seconds from going to going to Staples and getting Roxio Creator 2010.

                    I went to GSPOT and found that the original MOV files "couldn't find codecs", but when I converted those files a while back, they had codecs.


                    "CONTAINER: MPEG-2 Program Stream << { 1 vid, 1 aud }, MPG2 with an audio container of  MPEG-1 Layer 2."


                    Now for my files, they are MPEG-1 with an audio container of  MPEG-1 Layer 2.  Now I have also converted those files to match the MPG2 format.


                    Based on this GSPOT app, I found that the MPG1 file was 100% pink in the "relative composition of the file by frame type" bar and the MPG2 and converted MOVs to MPG2s was 6% pink 94% purple.  I don't know if this means anything?



                    - Melissa

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                      rumeliss Level 1

                      Any solutions?