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    .AVIs are choppy and flickery when editing




      I've had no problems with Premiere when editing video I've recorded with my camcorder (.MTS I believe) but I wanted to edit some video from my regular digital camera, which saves just as .AVI.


      When "getting media", if I preview the file, it plays normally. However once I drag it onto the time line to start editing it, it plays back as choppy and distorted and disjointed, and flickers between things rather quickly. Kind of hard to describe but it kind of convulses... Making them a bit impossible to edit....


      However when I save the project afterwards as a finished file, such as an .MPEG, and open it with just Windows or whatever, it's fine again. Hmmm.


      It's probably something stupid, I'm fairly inept at this program but I just can't figure this out. .AVI is supported by Premiere!


      Thanks for any help you can give me.