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    PDF upload blocked by firewall

      I have a Flex application that uses the FileReference API to upload files to our server. The application is in the DMZ but is primarily used by internal users. I am using ColdFusion on the backend.

      From what I understand from the docuemtation when I do the upload I make a URL call to a .cfm page that does the process. Since I have to call the ColdFusion code by a URL the call goes through out firewall and the firewall blocks the request when uploadin PDF's. Other documents types work fine.

      It is blocking the PDF due to rule to block cross site scripting. I don't know all that much about PDF's but I am assuming it uses some sort of script to create or render the document. Our system admin has told us that he can either turn off the rule leaving our server vulnerable or we can leave the rule and find an alternative. There is nothing else he can do with the firewall.

      The uploading of PDF's is vital for this application. Has anyone experienced this? If so, what do I need to do? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.