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    Audio Mixer Stops Recording

    Taverino Level 2

      I'm using the PPro CS4 Audio Mixer panel to record the voice-over for a sequence. Works fine, except if I switch focus to some other application, recording (and playback) immediately stops.


      The reason I want to switch focus during recording is that I have my script displaying in a teleprompter application running on the same computer. The app has controls I need to access during recording such as slowing down or speeding up the scrolling of the script. When I click the mouse pointer on the teleprompter app (or any other app, for that matter), recording stops.


      Any way to keep recording active ?


      PPro 4.2.1

      Mac OSX 10.5.8



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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          You are not the only one to complain about it, but thats how it works in CS4.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This is the way that PrPro works. It is designed to have focus for its operations. The trick is to finish your recording, before switching to another program, or to file a Feature Request, and ask Adobe to change the design.


            Out of curiosity, what do you also wish to do, while recording the narration?


            Good luck,



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              shooternz Level 6

              He want the Teleprompt (software)  to work as he records his narration.


              Maybe time to do a print out on old fashioned paper Bill ?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                If I needed a teleprompter, I would just use my laptop, OR print out that paper, like in my old-fashioned days, when we had scripts.



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                  shooternz Level 6

                  I have a little Teleprompter application on my lap top called 'Prompt Dog'


                  Kind of a Lap Prompt Dog.  


                  BTW - its a brilliant little program but I doubt I would ever need it while recording Voice Over or narrations.


                  Keen to see why the O.P needs to do it this way.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    As I have always had Bulldogs, the concept of the use of the word "lap," and "dog" in the same sentence is alien to me.


                    When I do high-level VO work, I will often use an "ear," but also like to have the written word, with my personal annotations in front of me. For my stuff, without benefit of full studio, I just have the written word (with those pronunciation annotations and my pauses) in front of me. Yeah, old-school to the Nth degree, but it has gotten me by.


                    I do not do so well with a teleprompter, but my wife has grown to like 'em. Still, I will spend a day coaching her, and re-doing her script to suit the message, so she does not need them, in case they go down. Some people (one US President comes to mind), cannot even say "G'day mate," without a bank of those devices.


                    I have also found that the speeches that wife gives are much more "from the heart," if she does not have the teleprompters going in the foreground. Yes, there is some ad-lib, but it is always an addition to the speech, and one could not do that, with the electronic displays buzzing away.



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                      Taverino Level 2

                      What is this thing you old-timey guys call "paper"? Oh, I just googled it and see it is really cool stuff. Is it true that when you wanted to start an application, you had to feed into the computer a long piece of paper with little holes? And that you could actually pay someone by handing them a piece of paper with your signature on it? Wow!


                      Seriously, I'm just looking for the easiest workflow for my current project in which I am composing, recording, recomposing, rerecording audio for 30-minute documentary I am editing in PPro. I've used a teleprompter for many years, so it seemed to be a good approach for this project.


                      Alternatives I have been trying:


                      (NOTE: I am using a dual-monitor system)


                      1. I can break up recording into small pieces so that no scrolling is needed.


                      2. The scroll wheel on my mouse is still active while recording. I can use it to scroll through the script, but movement is jumpy and distracting


                      3. Use a different product for the recording. Soundbooth does allow other applications to have control during recording, but it is not intuitively obvious if Dynamic Link can be used so I have been saving tracks in SB and then importing them into PPro. Soundbooth has crashed on me twice while I was trying this out, causing me to lose two long recordings. Not going back there. GarageBand also works. There are probably plenty more. But I lose the ability to have the audio clip automatically added to the project. Not a big deal. Certainly easier than parchment.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                        Is it true that when you wanted to start an application, you had to feed into the computer a long piece of paper with little holes? And that you could actually pay someone by handing them a piece of paper with your signature on it? Wow!


                        Now you're talking my language! Yes, we did use perforated paper tape (well, at least my mom did, when she installed and setup the first UNIVAC for the US Air Force). By the time that I got to computers, we ran them from 8" floppies and saved files to audio cassette tapes. What many folk know as floppies (5.25"), were still in the future, as were HDD's. Now, Craig is much younger, than I, so he has no clue what I am talking about, unless he used the Wiki-pedia too!


                        I've been trying to come up with a way to get your other program going (a dual monitor does help a bit), though PrPro has full focus. Depending on the needs of the other program, you might be able to launch it, and start it, on a location that you have cleared of PrPro's Panels, etc. However, you will not be able to control it, or PrPro will loose focus and stop.


                        I've had to do similar, where I had to use a separate player, while I recorded. Do not recall the why's anymore, but PrPro would not play it, or maybe it was an earlier version of Audition, before they added Video playback? Anyway, I launched the player, then my recording program, and just recorded, while watching the player in a corner of monitor #2 - no control, but was able to see what I needed to see, and record the Audio.


                        That is about the best that I can come up with. As this general request does come up about 1-2 times per year, maybe doing a Feature Request with Adobe would be in order.


                        Good luck, and maybe someone else has a workaround - I just do not know what that would be.



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                          Taverino Level 2



                          I'm just funning with you whippersnappers. My my old-f*rt creds: learned BASIC on a PDP-8 using paper tape for input and storage. First paying job was as an assembly language programmer for the IBM 360. All of our programming was done on paper Hollerith cards. If a keypunch machine wasn't available, it was not uncommon to fix a programming or input data bug with an exact-o knife and masking tape. Fond memories, but I wouldn't go back to those days for all the money in the world.


                          Back on topic - I'll submit the feature request, but with CS5 imminent, probably futile for my purposes. Had a couple of successful recording sessions today. I started the automatic scrolling on the prompter app and then quickly switched over to PPro and started recording. Could not control the speed of the scrolling at this point, but could use the scroll wheel to back-up or move forward if the speed wasn't right. BTW, in case any one is interested, I'm using Presentation Prompter for Mac: http://www.nextforcesw.com/ Very nice for composing and then controlling the display of the script.


                          It seems clear that Adobe Story will have hooks into PPro CS5 . I wonder if it might eventually support creation of voice-over clips in PPro based on scripts created in Story. Story is probably way overkill for my current needs, but it will be interesting to see what happends next week.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9
                            It seems clear that Adobe Story will have hooks into PPro CS5 .


                            This could be correct. Going back in the middle of the run of CS4, Adobe had several surveys, and "scripting" (not in the programming sense) was very prominent in those questions. Not sure how those surveys went, but I'm a bit surprised that more mention has not been made in the leaked articles and blog-spots on CS5.


                            Also, with CS5 being a major move, I suspect that CS5.x update is already on the drawing board. Many gave up all hope, when CS4 was released, but then CS4.1 hit rather quickly, and then CS4.2, with a bunch of fixes, but also some added features. Do not give up with the Feature Requests. Adobe reads those. When work is being done, they prioritize those and many make it into the code.


                            I have to admit that my Feature Requests have not seen the light of day, but maybe I am the only user, requesting them, or maybe the coding is just not viable for the $'s involved? Still, I patiently fill in the forms and submit.


                            Now, how could someone go from an IBM 360 to a Mac, of all things? [Since PC vs Mac wars are a thing of the past here, I want to make sure that everyone knows that I am joking here - especially Jeff, Curt and Jerry.K!]


                            Good luck,