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    Does anybody know how to solve this font problem?

    Coala Bear

      Hello everyone,


      I have had this font problem for weeks now and I can't seem to get it solved. There are a number of fonts that won't load properly in Illustrator, PS, and InDesign. They are loaded in the system, but refuse to show up in the list. I've installed them in the home directory/library/fonts. These are commercial opentype fonts and one homemade opentype font. Sometimes the font that I created will appear, other times it does not, but many other fonts refuse to show up in the font display lists of these 3 software packages.


      I've cleared the font caches with FontNuke, everything looks like it should work properly, but it does not. Also, with Font Book, I've resolved any duplicate font problems. Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Is this a known CS4 bug?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using the latest Mac Mini and CS4 software.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Do the fonts have correct creator, font family and so on information? if not, then that may be the issue, as it might prevent the font lists to be organized accordingly and then such fonts are ignored. Look into that. especialyl just for testing remove your own font and see if the otehrs show up, then remove one font at a time until everything works. You can than selectively add them back until you figure out what's wrong...



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            Coala Bear Level 1



            How do I check if the fonts have the correct creator and so on?


            Anyway, I've spent the better part of today validating and removing suspect

            fonts. Why does the right click choice for resolve duplicates and the

            validate font behave completely differently in Font Book? I discovered that

            when this is investigated further with the validate font command, I found I

            had a massive amount of duplicates that according to font book cause minor

            errors. I thought that would have been sorted out with the resolve duplicate

            command, instead I ended up check marking and manually removing the fonts

            that had minor errors.


            I still have many commercial fonts plus my own font not showing up in

            Illustrator or PhotoShop. If I copy and paste the font directly into

            InDesign's font folder, my font shows up. I also tried removing my font to

            see if this would fix any of the other problems. It doesn't. I did type in

            my font name in the console dialog box and this message is displayed for

            this font as well as mine and many others.


            10-04-06 5:21:09 PM Font Book[12940] ##### ERROR:  The font system thinks

            the font


            is active, but the file no longer exists!


            Then I went back to font book to check to see if it is there and it is

            enabled. For my font the caution triangle appears with the multiple copies

            of the font is installed. Resolving duplicates doesn't solve this problem.


            Any ideas of how to fix this problem?