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    Filling the browser

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      I was wondering if anyone knows how you get your flash site to fill the browser regardless of size, is it done with actionscript or is it on the html side of things. Here is an example of a site that does it well.



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          Yes, you can do with html.
          In embed tag inside your html file where you are embedding swf file, instead of putting actual width and height just put 100%.for example HEIGHT="100%" WIDTH="100%". for SCALE property you have 3 options as follows

          1. HEIGHT="100%" WIDTH="100%" SCALE="EXACTFIT"
          this combination forces every edge of your movie to the edge of the browser, and distorts your movie to fit the aspect ratio (proportion of height to width) of the browser.
          2. HEIGHT="100%" WIDTH="100%" SCALE="SHOWALL"
          this combination fits the width or height of your movie to the smaller of either the width or height of the browser. your movie will not be cropped or skewed to fit the browser window, but there will be borders on either the top and bottom or right and left of your movie.
          3. HEIGHT="100%" WIDTH="100%" SCALE="NOBORDER"
          this combination adjusts either the height or width of your movie to the larger of either the width or height of the browser. when the dimensions of your movie do not match the dimensions of the browser, your movie will be cropped on either the top and bottom or on both sides.

          See a example bellow.

          PLUGINSPAGE=" http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=Shockwaveflash">

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