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    Images not Loading in Firefox


      I've got some trouble with loading images since flex 3 (and still with flex4).


      In my app I've got several Image tags meant to display jpeg files as follows:


           <mx:Image x="594" y="40" width="400" height="250" id="img_preview" horizontalAlign="center" autoLoad="false" />


      These images are supposed to load an url on runtime which I get from a dataset by means of an rpc:


           img_preview.load( thumbURL );



      Now the problem is that this works just fine on locally - but when I put the release build (or the debug-build) onto the web,

      I just get the missing image icon. This problem so far seems only to occur in firefox, since for example safari or ie working with

      the exact same file just as intendet.

      Ignoring the fact everything works everywhere else I checked the image urls, response headers for the images when loaded

      directly and so on - but found no errors.


      The images urls are absolute from the same domain as the flash movie and an appropriate crossdomain file exists for other

      reasons as well.

      Searching a little further by means of wireshark and firebug I found the flashplayer not opening any connections to the

      server, allthough I'm not quite sure if it's my inability to find the connection or the flashplayer who just want's to bug me to death.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated since I already lost SO MUCH TIME on this..