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    AEE Rendering incorrectly


      Hey everyone.

      Two problems here.


      For some reason, my After Effects is not rendering exactly what is previewed on the composition.


      Here are pictures to explain what I'm talking about.


      This is what you see when you render it out and play it through Windows Media Player:





      Here's what it's suppose to look like on my composition. (Or at least what I previewed)




      My whole project is pretty big. I'm doing a credits roll and its about 45 seconds long & (2200 x 1357).


      Also another problem that I ran into was the "unable to allocate space for 2200 x 1357 image buffer" & "you may be experiencing fragmentation" etc.


      I was able to render the first 11 seconds of the clip before it messed up; that's how I saw that it rendered incorrectly. I could also see that it was rendering incorrectly when I was watching the preview composition going frame by frame as it as it was rendering and noticing that it was very off. I believe I have found a few solutions for the "unable to allocate space" etc but I haven't bothered trying since my composition isn't even rendering correctly.


      Two problems here.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first question is why this comp size? It's not a standard that I recognize.


          The second, what are your render settings, ram, preferences...


          Maybe then we can point you in the right direction.

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            c.joe Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply


            I'm not sure. The comp size sort of set itself when I dragged in a few files to create the room. It looked correct so I stuck with it.


            I have 4gb ram, 3.5 usable. But "Total After Effects memory usage" is 1.2 gb. "RAM to leave for other applications" 0.25 gb


            Multiproccessing is OFF


            I enabled Disk Cache with a max size of 2000 MB.


            Onto render settings...


            Quality - Best

            Resolution - Full

            Size is set at 2200x1357

            Disk Cache - Read Only


            OpenGL renderer is unchecked


            No proxies used,

            Effects - current settings

            Solo switches - current settings

            Guide layers - ALL OFF


            Color Depth - 16 bits per channel



            Frame blending - On for checked layers

            Field Render - Lower field first

            3:2 pulldown WSSWW   comp's frame rate 23.976 but using framerate 29.970

            Motion Blur - On for checked layers only

            Time Span - Work Area Only


            Use storage overflow is checked.


            Output Module Settings:

            Format - Video for Windows

            Post Render Action - None


            Include project link & Include Source XMP Metadata is both checked


            Channels: RGB

            Depth: Millions of Colors
            Color: Premutiplied (matted)


            No format options / compression.


            Thanks again for the quick reply.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              When you render for final output, the movie is rendered through the view of the active camera. Are you previewing through the active camera view and comparing that to your final movie? If you post a screenshot of the entire Composition panel, then it will be easier for us to see things like this for troubleshooting.

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                c.joe Level 1

                Hi Todd, Thanks for the reply.


                Yes I am previewing through the Active Camera.


                Here's a screenshot of the entire Panel. Sorry it is a bit big because I am on a widescreen monitor.


                Click here for direct link -









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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Mmh, it's definitely using a different camera view than in the preview, but why it's doing that is unclear. I would suspect, though, that your memory error relates to it. Sounds to me, like it is unable to expand the buffer in order to apply the DOF and then renders incorrectly. Can you render with DOF turned off?



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                    c.joe Level 1

                    Thanks for the reply,


                    I rendered with DOF off but I didn't let it finish because the preview screen already showed it did not work. But I still yet to try rendering completely just to see if it can even render out 100%. I just want to make sure it works completely before I attempt to take an hour to render it out.


                    But here's how it looks on the preview screen as it renders.



                    Still doesn't work :/


                    I appreciate the help.



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                      PankajN Adobe Employee

                      It is hard to say what might be going wrong. Can you email me your project with no media files at pankajn AT adobe.com? Please also send me the steps to reproduce the bug and I will try to repro the bug here.



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                        c.joe Level 1



                        I really appreciate it. I'm sending the file now.



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                          c.joe Level 1

                          Hi, I would just like to let everyone know that the problem has been solved. Apparently, my Z value on my  on my Camera Position and POI was just too high. The "width parameter of motion tile is very high and it overflows the 32K rectangle bound in CS4"


                          Pankaj also fonud that "if the z value of camera’s position and pointOfInterest is < 37000, the problem goes away."


                          Thanks so much Pankaj for take your time to help me. I really truly appreciate it.



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                            PankajN Adobe Employee

                            The same project works fine in CS5 without making any camera parameter changes because there is no bound overflow.


                            Another reason to move to CS5