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    Export styles to an external style sheet

      I'm a student taking Dreamweaver 8 and the only software available was CS3. So, I'm using CS3 and following the tutorial and it says to add some page-level styles. Then, the next step is to export those styles to an external stylesheet. The steps say to open the file that has the styles, click File > Export > CSS Styles. I don't have CSS Styles as an option. Is it missing in CS3 or am I doing something incorrect? Any help would really be appreciated.
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          That option is gone from CS3. Try this instead:

          1] Display the CSS panel
          2] Select the styles you wish to export. (Select multiple styles by
          selecting the first style in the list, then SHIFT-clicking the bottom
          style to select the block. Or CTRL-click individual styles to select them.)
          3] Right-click any selected/highlighted style and choose Move CSS Rules
          from the popup menu
          4] You should be able to figure the rest out from there.

          Good luck.

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