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    Flex, Lighttpd and SQLite




      I am searching for informations about the compatibility between Flex (and AIR) and a LightTPD embeded server.

      If they are compatible whar have I to do on the LightTPD server ?

      I am also searching if I can use Flex + LightTPD + SQLite, if someone can give me feedback about project developped with that technology.


      Thank you in advance,


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          David_F57 Level 5



          The http server isn't of concern to flex, its what you can run on it, so php5 and sqlite will run on lighttpd quite happily which means that you can use flex with the zend framework to access your data.




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            ArnaudF35 Level 1

            Thanks David.

            I'm new in that technologies and I have seen on other forum I have to add MIME types to use techno as silverlight on lightTPD server. Have I to do similar thing with Flex ?

            My questions are probably stupid but I just want to be sure I can use Flex developped applications on the client side with a LightTPD server and a SQLite database (this technical constraints are due to the embeded linux).




            (Sorry for my english, it's not my native language )

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              ArnaudF35 Level 1


              I'm still searching for feedbacks about projects developped in Flex using that kind of server and db, and about flex applications optimized to reduce the bandwith necessary for the client to use them (on-demand loading like we can do "cuting" our application in view with silverlight).

              If someone has informations I will be happy to have that feedback.