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    setVolume problem

    Pooya Source


      I tried to control a background music volume using this code


      soundInstance = new Sound();




      here attachSound("1");


      "1" is a linkage identifier. everything works perfect...music plays and volume decreases.

      but not only the attached sound... the whole movie volume changes even the swf I've loaded in my clip. I just need to control the background music("1" linkage) not all the sounds. what's the problem here? how can I make this happen?


      thank you

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          each sound is associated with a movieclip.  unless you explicitly use the movieclip in your sound constructor, the current timeline is used and your sound instance will control all sounds on the current timeline.


          to remedy, create a movieclilp to associate with each sound:



          soundInstance=new Sound(soundInstanceMC);


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            d0brin Level 1

            a simplier solution to this is to create a movie clip with sound control system for the BG music and that way it will not affect the rest of the sounds in your .swf

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