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    Erratic behaviour when open files need refreshing

    Adam Cameron. Level 5


      I do my source control via TortoiseSVN plugged-in to Windows Explorer, rather than via a plug-in to Eclipse.  So when I begin a work session, I do an SVN update from Explorer, then dive in to work in CFB.


      If I have any files open in CFB that had been updated by the SVN Update process, I'm asked to update them. However there's a non-conformity in how I'm asked.  Sometimes I get a confirmation popup asking  me if I want to update the file... sometimes the screen is simply blank except for a prompt to press F5 to update the file (I think this is Eclipse's standard treatment of this).  It might be that CFCs have the confirm pop-up and other files (XML and CFM in my current situation) have the F5 prompt.  But why is there a difference?  Is there a good reason, or is this case of different CFB team members doing different parts of the UI, and handling it differently, or something?


      This is a trivial thing, sure, but having a uniform UI on an app adds to its perceived polish.