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    How to upload Published site?

    CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

      Okay I am entirely new to Dreamweaver and this forum so I apologize if this is incorrectly placed and for my lack of knowledge in general.


      My question is, after I create and publish my website fully, how exactly do I publish it?


      I know I have seen several references and understand generally that you would use your own FTP hosting server or whatever you want to call it. My only concern is I am not sure if my ISP provides a fast enough server to host my site on. Thats what you would consider it right? Whenever I made websites in the past even simply HTML editing it was all done on WYSIWYG site builders like Yahoo, Freewebs, you get the idea, so I was always using their servers to host my site on. Also, am I even saying all this correctly haha that I need a server to host my site on? Well anyway, if someone could shed some light on all this that would be lovely.


      I further apologize I am sure this has been mentioned somewhere else on these forums too I just have not seen it yet.

      Thanks in advance everyone!

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          370H55V Level 4

          You set up your site using the site manager, and input your  publishing (FTP) settings during that process.


          You can also do it any time later in the Advanced settings.


          As far as having your ISP host your site....Not good.


          They aren't really in the business of hosting. They're a service provider. If they offer hosting it's a premium service for them and you'll pay anywhere from 500 to 3000% more than you would through a hosting service.


          Example: Cox Communications (my ISP) is a good high speed Internet provider. I get upto 9mbps download speed and 2.6mbps upload speed for $46.00 a month. Web hosting through Cox requires a $240 up front fee, and costs $30 a month in addition to the $46 I'm paying them for Internet access. That's $600 for the first year and $360 after that. There's a 500Mb quarterly traffic limit for FTP, and downloads before they hit you with another $15 per month.


          My hosting service ICDSoft (http://www.icdsoft.com) is not the biggest hosting company, but they are very reasonable price-wise, and provide reliable service, and 24/7 support for $4.35 a month now that I have a few accounts with them ($5.90 for single domain). They offer free user-friendly scripts for e-mail (cgi.bin), guestbook (comments on your site), photo galleries, CRON jobs, and they support PHP, & ASP scripting and third party applications. Unlimited email addresses (100 Mb storage) and I get 20 Gigs of traffic monthly. There is Webalyzer and Webstat tracking for traffic, and it's very detailed. Cox doesn't even offer that.


          There are lots of other hosting services out there, and plenty of people here can tell you the benefits of them. I've been with these guys since 2005, and have never had any problems.


          I looked at GoDaddy, but they have hidden fees and charges to get their "best price", and you end up paying more than what they advertise. I just didn't like the "bait and switch" tactics they employed when I talked to them. Have an acquaintance who swears by them though.


          But go with a hosting service. not your ISP.

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            hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



            well, if I understand correctly, you search a provider, which offers a quick upload accompanied by a high webspace. It's enough, to take a closer look, Google is certainly helpful, an individual recommend is delicate. Just for fun I'll list some providers:

            1&1, all-inkl.com - Neue Medien Münnich, AOL, Vodafone, ehemals Arcor, cablecom, Claranet, CompuServe, congstar, DFN-Verein, domainfactory, Domainssaubillig.de, Domain-Hoster, edicos webservices, EWE TEL, freenet, HanseNet, Host Europe, HostingPlus.de, Inexio, Kabel BW, Kabel Deutschland, M-net, McAc.net, Net-Build, netclusive, NetCologne, NTT Europe Online, QSC, Strato, T-Home, T-Online, T-Systems, Telefónica, Unitymedia, United Internet, Versatel, Vodafone, VR-Web, VSEnet, X.CILIO business solutions e.K.


            Quite another matter is the question which efficient FTP program should someone use. In addition to DW's internal program I personally prefer an independent, external program, in my case FileZilla (http://filezilla-project.org/client_features.php and downloads).



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              CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

              Thank you for the advice much appreciated. I thought that's what you could

              do just had no clue how. One other question, does ICDSoft feature a free

              service option with decent space and no ads? The website I'll be making is

              for an indie animation company that never had its projects revealed yet. So

              if the projects take off and there's a reason to need the website I would

              probably start paying to host to get the full benefits, just seeing if there

              was a trial or completely free version.

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                370H55V Level 4

                No free hosting through ICD, I'm afraid. They have to secure a domain name through the W3C, and register it as hosted on their servers before any FTP can occur. (This is an industry standard from what I was told). That has to be paid for and the amount of work it takes to "release" a domain name for someone else to use would inhibit cost effective "trial" use of their service(s).

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                  CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                  Oh yeah I see what you mean. I'm sure if the minimal price is roughly $5.00

                  per month, between three people and or myself alone that wouldnlt be bad at

                  all. I most likely will return with more questions once the sites ready and

                  all so I'm sure you'll hear from me soon haha. Thanks again for the help!