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    Jumping from Main Timeline to a specific frame of a MovieClip


      Hello there!

      I'm a begginer with Flash... and I am attending a course of fundamentals of Flash... so I apologize if my doubt is a too obvious answer to some of you.

      The situation is as follows:


        I'm using Action Script 2.0 --- I'm obligated to in the course I'm attending.

        I have a main timeline that has 3 frames. On the 2nd frame I have a movieclip named mc_nbr. On the 3rd frame I have a button "voltar" that when pressed I want it to "Go and Stop/Play" at frame 3 of the movieclip (that is embedded on frame 2 of the main timeline).


      I used the folowing code for the button btn_voltar:


      on (press)





      I tried as well with


      on (press)





      None of them works!


      I tried to see wheather the button even works and it does.

      I included a input text box and the stament before the code shown above  like the one that follows:


      feedback.text = "Pressionei o botão!";


      So the part missing (and the important one) is jumping to the movieclip. I can't figure out how to do it !!!


      I uploaded the "project" at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A6M581US


      Could anyone, please help me.


      Thank You for your feedback.