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    CFB slowing up on large files

    Adam Cameron. Level 5


      This is just an observation more than anything else.


      The performance of the release version of CFB has been much better than the beta versions, which is heartening.  During the beta I had to have as much background functionality as possible switched off, eg: workspace rebuilding, syntax checking, etc to even get work done, but on the release version I've been able to leave everything on, and it's been OK thusfar.


      I'm in the process of writing a CFC which has started to be rather large (I might need to do some refactoring, but I'll get onto that a bit further down the track...).  CFB seemed to handle it fine up until I was at about 1400-1500 lines, but I've now tipped 2000 lines (92kB) and CFB is beginning to struggle.  Syntax highlighting is so slow now it's always wrong for a while, until CFB catches up, even data entry seems to have slowed up - I guess this is due to syntax checking or something - but I am typing faster than CFB can render the characters I've typed.  I'm a reasonably fast typer, but when I'm coding, I'm not spectacularly fast.  Sometimes I need to pause to think what I'm doing ;-)


      Unfortunately I do not have CFEclipse installed on this machine to compare performance.


      Now... I guess I expect the thing to slow up eventually as files grow, but as it currently stands I'm expecting to start getting frustrated with having to wait around for CFB to catch up with me, if it slows down much more.  I speculate this file will grown to be another 500-odd lines long yet.