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    tracking clicks with rich media banner ads?


      We've been developing rich media banner ads here at the agency for our clients and the problem that I've run into is that I can't find a way to track the clicks of the buttons on the banner ads. I'm not a flash or action scripting guru by any means.

      I need some professional help with my question and below if you look at the first banner that is displayed on our web site you will see how the banners work.


      We have click tags on the buttons that click thru to the dealers web site. We can easily track the performance of the click thru to the site with google analytics.

      I've been trying to find a way to track the other buttons that get clicked that don't send the user to the clients web site.

      Example: If I click on the "locate a dealer" button I'd like for there to be someway for flash to send me information saying "locate a dealer button was clicked 20 times" that way we can report to our client that they had 10,000 impressions and 20 people clicked the "locate a dealer" button.

      Does this make sense? And does anyone have any suggestions on how to tackle this problems?

      Thank You!

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          ocbfd Level 1

          You can load tracking gifs - 1x1s.  You get the proper url for the gif from your tracking service (set up account with meaningful var names - click_open_catalog, mouseover_open_catalog, etc) then load that gif whenever appropriate in your application.  Add a random number to the end of the 1x1's url so it doesn't load from the browser cache and it's a very reliable way of tracking.  Use multiple empty clips to load the gifs into in case the user clicks on things really fast.


          I haven't worked with google so I can't tell you if they have them, but they should.  I've used DART and Nielsen 1x1s.