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    FB4 Premium Edu. upgrade-confusion


      After discussing with several licensing resellers and the Adobe licensing support itself I'm even more confused than before, you guys at Adobe definately don't make it easy upgrading or even buying an education version of FB4 Premium


      What I currently have
      - Flex Builder 2 Pro. edu license
      - Free Flex Builder 3 Pro edu license from freeriatools.adobe.com

      - Extended FB 4 Premium Beta 2 Key


      What I would like to have
      - Flash Builder 4 Premium education


      Education Volume Licensing Reseller
      Ok, our education volume licensing reseller was completely confused about the name change, however they offer three products:
      - FB4 Premium Upgrade from CF-Builder
      - FB4 Premium from Flex Builder 2 / 3 Professional ( unbelievable cheap price of USD 40.- )

      - FB4 Premium from FB4 Standard


      However I have never heard of an upgrade option from Flex Builder 2 to Flash Builder 4 Premium and they were not able telling me if the freeriatools-key will work for an upgrade.
      Also they were not able telling me if I can get the Free FB4 Standard for education version and then upgrade to FB4 Premium education and there don't seems to be an option buying the FB4 Premium edition directly, they just offer upgrade versions.

      So they told me I will have to give the Adobe licensing center a call.

      Adobe Licensing Center
      Again, first of all a confusion about the name-change. However after several internal discussions I had to pass them my Flex Builder 3 key and they told me it should be possible upgrading to FB 4 Premium using this key....should..so they redirected me to the Adobe direct-selling hotline.

      Adobe Direct-Selling Hotline
      "Flash Professional?"...no Flash Builder 4 Premium from Flex Builder 3 Professional but using a freeriatools key.
      .."please wait"....
      ..."we only have a business version, would you like to buy this one?" No thanks, I would like to buy the Flash Builder 4 Premium education version.
      "ah ok, then please contact your educational volume licensing partner". ...But they told me to contact you because they don't have such an option, just upgrades.
      .."sorry we can't help you in this case"  mkey thanks.



      ..as they have no idea what Flash Builder 4 is as it seems, I decided to ask within this forums, maybe someone else already upgraded his/her FB3 edu pro version to FB4 Premium....or at least I hope so



      Ok seriousely:
      Is it possible upgrading my Flex 3 edu pro (freeria) or Flex 2 pro license to FB4 Premium?
      Is it possible getting the Flash Builder 4 Standard edu from freeriatools for free and then upgrading it to FB4 edu Premium through our local volume licensing partner?


      Thanks in advance for your answers

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          Hoping to get an answer to this question as well - I work at a university and have been using Flex 3 with a key from freeriatools on a daily basis for programming everything (Flash, PHP, HMTL, Javascript, XML, etc etc etc) seems like. I received my freeriatools key for Flash Builder 4 only to find out it was for the Standard edition, not allowing use of the memory profiling for Flash - making me wonder what else will be disabled when I go to build stuff - not sure why this was done as it wasn't disabled in Flex 3 for edu. As the decider for my team if we are going to move to FB4 I'm staying Flex 3 until the vendors and adobe figure out what they are going to do for educational versions of FB4.