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    Flex 4 - insert combobox or other interactive component within RichEditableText


      As part of my massive quest to convert a large application from AS2 to Flex AS3, I am going to need to insert a UI component within a RichEditableText component.


      Is that actually possible?


      In AS2, I had created each word of a paragraph as a separate textField and then positioned them all together, inserting input fields and combobox components as required.... however... project requirements means I have to try and insert components within full paragraphs, if possible... Dynamically and in actionscript.  I'm not sure where to start attempting this... if anyone has any ideas which might help, I'd be truly grateful !!!


      This is a question paragraph.  The first answer to this paragraph question is [combobox] and the second might be [combobox] so select your answers and press the check button.