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    FC and CS5?

    macsavers Level 1

      With CS5 coming extremely soon and the obvious upgrades to Flash in CS5, I became curious whether Flash Catalyst was going to be included in CS5. While I've worked quite a bit in Flash, I really like the synergy between Flash and the Flex Framework. It seems Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder are a natural extension of all this and if it can also be used to make iPhone and iPad applications, then I see a potential home run here with CS5.


      The reason I ask though is due to the fact that we've only hit public beta 2 and it still seems to have quite a few bugs, most notably where projects become corrupted and unusable. Add in the fact that beta 1 files we not usable by beta 2 and you have the worry that anything we do in beta 2 will not be usable by the final version in CS5, assuming it's a part of it.


      Can anyone shed some light on this? Obviously I have projects I would love to move to this workflow, but I need a finished product.

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          chschett Level 1

          I'm not sure if CS5 coming soon.

          What's coming soon is a presentation of CS5 on april 12th. But does this mean that CS5 will be shipped afterwards? I don't think so.


          What I would really like to know is how Catalyst will work together with CS4 products. As I wrote in another topic (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/610078?tstart=0) you cannot export a movie from Premiere Pro CS4 if Flash Catalyst Beta 2 is installed

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            macsavers Level 1

            The event on April 12th is called a Launch event, not a presentation event. Does that mean it will launch on April 12th or just announce when the official launch is coming. No way to know. I do know it's not called a sneak peak or presentation, so there's always hope.


            Still, the question remains, will Catalyst be included in CS5 and if not, what are the plans. I'd love to use this product and change my Flash workflow. Unfortunately, the betas aren't stable enough to do that. It's fun to play with, but I can't do paying jobs with it.

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              chschett Level 1

              We will know more at april 12th. If you like you can read this: http://cs5.org/?cat=27.

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                Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Flash Catalyst is included in all of the CS5 Suites except the Design Standard Suite.


                Brad Lawryk

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                  Garry Bradley Level 1

                  Yep, ordered my upgrade CS5 already, it's just a natural progression, can't wait to wow my clients with things I couldn't think of doing before.


                  Can I assume the Catalyst shipping version will be really snappy? I started doing a project with Beta 2 and stopped because the lag issue, limited font management and states. I got the hang of it's work flow and I can't wait to get stuck into a faster version.

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                    macsavers Level 1

                    I'm thrilled that Catalyst is a part of CS5. Obviously if you are doing the stuff we're talking about, Design Standard won't cut it. I'm also thrilled that it's going to be shipping in May, not October.


                    Time to gather my loose change and get that upgrade.