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    Flash CS4 multiple selection probleme, Scale/position




      i noticed that if you have a flash cs4 AS2 where you need to make a zoom and unzoom effect on multiple element, you will have a painfull time building that scale+position effect. Let me explain.


      Everything need to be scaled from 0 to 100 % and then from 100 % to 0. Some of those need to be scale in the exact position where they are, but other need to also move to fit the zoom effect for a result of a central effect for everything ). For some unknow reason the Tween is not working for those item. So i had to do it manually using 50 keyframe of 1 frame ( ho joy... dont forget to times that by 19)


      We all know that when you use the free transform tools, you have the transform box + the little circle that define the effect "center" location of the item. Whatever the location of that little circle, when you zoom it will go away in the opposite direction and the reverse is also true. So far it work perfectly.


      however if you take the time to set that little circle for all your element perfectly and test it with all element, you should be able to select ALL of your element at the same time and execute the same move as if you were doing it on a single element right ?. Well no.


      If you do it with a single element and play with the scale ( with constraint) it does what you want. But if you select them all, you discover quickly enough that it is no longer working. You also discover that it is adding a NEW little circle ( "center" position) that is offset. Fair enough, i move that circle at the exact location of the zoom effect then try to make the zoom, and TADAM.. it is not working, it is still messing with the direction of the scale/position.


      Ctrl Z. unselect everything, and try again with only 1 random element ? work perfectly. Try with all of them at the same time ? dont work.


      REmember all those element zoom at the same location, so you shouldn't have any probleme with the new little circle as long you move it at the same spot than the other. But no. even if it is there, it will still scale/position South of where it suposed to be. Doing it all at the same time while setting that circle should save you time, but right now it is the exact opposite, an effect that could take 1 hour to make will take me the full day, if not more.


      any clue ?


      I do hope i'm clear enough