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    Create Still from Video


      Is there an easy way to create a still image from the video in premier pro cs4? I use a supercapture software but I was wondering if ppcs4 has a freeze frame tool????

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Well, it's not a tool, per se, but with AME, one can easily Export a still. Select the Clip, and move the CTI to the exact Frame, then Export that Frame. The formats are a bit limited, but with CS4.2, the process is almost exactly the way it was in PrPro 2 & CS3. The one thing lacking now, is the option to Add to Project, like in the old days. If you have CS4, prior to CS4.2.1, I would upgrade to the current, as the earlier releases of CS4 made it much more labor intensive, compared to before, or now.


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          PS - while not a "one-button solution" guy, this is one operation that I would love to see on an icon on the Timeline, with the Add to Project as a dialog radio button.