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    Custom Flash CS4 widgets with AS3 don't play well together in Captivate 4 project




      I created two custom widgets in Flash for use in a Captivate project. The two widgets are fairly simple, allowing users to click-and-drag a rectangle to "crop" a photo. The problem is that when I preview or publish the project that contains both


      widgets to SWF, the first widget seems to take on the ActionScript of the second widget. When they are both in the Captivate project, the click-and-drag of the first widget is not successful unless you perform the click-and-drag indicated for the second. Either widget works great if used apart from the other in the project.


      My workaround right now is to split the project into separate projects, with each widget in it's own project, calling the next project on success. But that's herky-jerky when the whole project is viewed. Please Help.





      Captivate Version 4, publishing with AS3

      Flash CS4, publishing to Flash Player 9 and ActionScript 3

      Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate

      ::Web Server: IIS

      ::Browser: Microsoft IE 7