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    installing of Adobe Reader not possible



      i upgraded my XP Pro. to vers.2009  SP3.


      Since then i'm trying desperatly to install Adobe Reader-(downloaded with different browsers IE&Chrome and diff. languages )but everytime,i receive a different "Error Code" 1.Code was regarding a missing core.dll (CoolType) 2.that the SetupFile is used by another instance etc.and/or the install process just stopps and does nothing.Sometimes i receive an "Info ID"=:32.372.03.2.20041 and am asked to send bugreport (wich is to complicated for me)

      When i try to delete the Setup.exe from the path:DocumentsandSetting/user/LocalSettings/ApplicationData......,i receive an error report :" be sure that the disk (??) is not protected or in use at the moment." (dont know if you are allowed to make changes?) and when i try to open Setup.exe from the same path its just not responding.I have even disabled the Norton I Security.All drivers are up-to-date.I even tried in the VGA Mode.


      I had the same problem with Adobe Flash player,was not able to install,but when i went to www.acrobat.com the Site reminded me that Flashplayer was needed,and asked me for direct install : problem solved.


      How will i be able to install adobe-reader ?Pls Help.


      Thanks in advance.