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    Reader takes over


      OP sys. Windows 7 32 bit


      When I dowloaded Reader 9.3 and installed itm reader took control of all my icons.  Ex. My CS4 and Bridge icons become Reader icons and when I click on them Reader opens, not the program.   The same happens with my MS Office suite and other programs.  Any suggestions?

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          370H55V Level 4

          Right click the files in question (doc, jpg, etc.) Choose Properties.

          Under the General tab, to the right of Open With, click the drop down and choose the proper application for the file (Word, Photoshop, etc.)

          Click Apply and then OK.


          This can also be done through the Control Panel under Programs and Features, in the sidebar on the left you'll see Program Access and Defaults. There you can redefine, system-wide, what application opens what type of file(s).

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            pwillener Level 8

            We have seen this phenomenon happening a couple of times under Vista and Windows 7.  No solution has ever been found; all I can suggest is to uninstall Adobe Reader, then search for an alternate PDF reader.

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              jcwdz88 Level 1

              Thanks.  I found an old Acrobat (4.0) that I installed over much

              protestation from

              Windows 7.  A couple of work arounds and it does what I need at the moment.

              I don't believe that Adobe is ignoring this problem.  From what I read, the


              condition existed in Vista.