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    easy way to remove line numbers


      I often have to take large text pdfs that have have line numbers included in them and convert them to word docs without line numbers.  The way ive been dealing with longer documents is to copy and paste into word or emurasoft editor, and then take line numbers out with macros.  I only know how to do this if the copy/paste puts the line numbers at the start of each line.  Because of variables in pdf formatting however sometimes the line numbers appear in the middle of lines after i paste into word.  Does anyone know of an easier way to get rid of these line numbers, or at least insure that the line numbers will actually be placed at the start of the line after I paste them into a word processor?



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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If the documents are tagged properly, the copy/paste would work. Sounds like some of them aren't.


          There is no solution using the free Reader software but you may want to try a PDF to Word converter such as http://www.pdftoword.com/


          (I don't use or endorse that particular converter. Just found it doing a search and used it as an example)

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            SkeeterLubidowicz Level 1

            Well, this may be a bit late given that I am replying  more than 4 years after the question was asked... but I think I have found an answer. 


            My document has line numbering for aligned along the left margin for every single stupid line in this document.  So after some trial and error, I used the crop tool found under Tools/Advanced Editing, and simply cropped the page so the line numbers were not included.  From there, I simply copy/pasted the text I wanted into a new word document.


            While I imagine this is not helpful to the original poster - unless he/she is VERY patient - I hope this answer will be helpful for future users who may encounter this issue.  And while I'm at it... HELLLOOO FUTURE USERS!!!  Send me a note if/when you read this and tell me what the future looks like!  Are we all driving flying cars now?

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              ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The unfortunate part of this advice is that it won't work for Adobe Reader. Cropping is a function of Adobe Acrobat.


              And, hello from the not-very-distant future.

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