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    Damaged Adobe Air


      When I switch on my laptop this morning it comes up with the

      message "this installation of this application is damaged.  Try re-installing or contacting the publisher ofr assistance."



      I have tried to uninstal the application to reinstall it and it won't uninstal!  I click on uninstall and it and it then asks for permission which I click ok and then nothing. but if I try to uninstal it again it comes up with the message "Please wait for the current programme is finished uninstalling or being changed."


      I have left it for over 5 hours not to continue and still has not uninstalled!  Please help!

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          The same error.


          Application has been created in Flash Builder 4 Trial, on Windows VIsta SP2 32bit.

          AIR runtime reinstall gives me nothing, the same error under AIR 1.5.3 and 2 beta 2.

          I've tried manually reinstall and clean up the regisrty but then get the same problem.

          The same error on my desktop win 7. Compiling my app manually with adt provides the same resullt. But when debugging or launching my app in FB - it works fine.

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            Vas_T Level 1

            I don't understand but somehow it works now. Just note - my problems started from the moment when I have trying to use AIR sdk 2 beta 2 for my project.

            The full list of steps I've done:

            1. Reinstall AIR runtime, includes the registry clen up. Now using 2 beta 2.

            2. Turn Windows UAC off.

            3. Reset the workspace in FB.

            May be it helps somebody.

            Really interesting thing is that i\ve tried to roll back my project to AIR 1.5, but the error returned. Now on 2 beta 2. May be someone can explain to me - what was that?

            Sorry for terrible english ;]

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              Daveejay Level 1

              I had the same problem. The advice I got from Adobe support (after a three day wait) fixed it.


              1. Windows: Uninstall the previous version of Adobe Help by using the Add or Remove Programs utility

              Macintosh: Remove and trash the application from the Applications>Adobe folder


              2. Windows: Delete the following directory: %appdata%/chc.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1 (copy and paste the phrase above into the Windows Explorer file manager)

              Macintosh: Go Home>Library>Preferences and delete chc.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1 (As it happened I couldn't find this file on my mac, but stage #1 had fixed the problem anyway).


              3. IMPORTANT: Empty the Trash or Recycling Bin to ensure proper removal of all files.


              4. Manually update the application by downloading the Air file from:http://www.adobe.com/support/chc/


              Additional information:


              This installation error has been observed under two conditions:


              1. If a user has an older prerelease or beta version of a Creative Suite 5 application previously installed


              2. If a user simultaneously updates the AIR runtime at the same time as updating the Adobe Help application. The Adobe Help application is built and managed using the Adobe AIR framework. Because Adobe AIR has its own installation and uninstallation procedures, Adobe Help application updates are independent of the CS5 installer itself. There is no need to uninstall the entire Creative Suite or any associated product to resolve this issue.

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                Thank you for posting this solution. I had the same problem on my iMac. I believe I must have simultaneously updated the AIR runtime at the same time I was updating the Adobe help app. I followed your instructions to fix it and it works again!  Yay!




                Kent Bingham

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                  Nicketlareriksen Level 1

                  Hi Davey,


                  I have a MAC and CS 5. Have previously installed the tryout version - where the problem occurred during install.


                  However doing all this doesn't change anything. It still doesn't work. Is there anything else, I can do?


                  Kind regards,



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                    Daveejay Level 1

                    Sorry Mate, this is the limit of my experience, and pretty much word for word what I got from Adobe.

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                      Hi Guys,


                      I think your application is copied from installation folder and created by third party installer.

                      If so, update your exe or app by recompiling with latest AIR SDK. Copy again to make another installer. Don't forget to copy META-INF folder and mimetype file too.


                      Check again. Probably this could help you.

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                        Nicketlareriksen Level 1

                        Hi and thanks for replying,


                        I have a pretty much standard setup. No third party installers as far as I know of. Unless Adobe use their own non standard installer...


                        However, I don't mind trying, because AIR still doesn't work which is annoying when I can't access help etc. from the applications. You will have to tell me a little more, though, because I don't have AIR SDK and "recompiling" is not something I have done since I was about 14 and running an AMSTRAD CPC464 with tape station :-)


                        So if you don't mind, then please give me a step by step guide - what should I try?


                        Kind regards,



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                          Hi Nick

                          There were some permission settings with CS5 installation that caused some errors for installation and launch.

                          Can you try the following:


                          To test if the locked Adobe folders are causing error for the AIR apps and installation...

                          Can you rename a couple of folders if present and try your specific installation/uninstallation or app launch again?

                          1)  /Applications/Adobe   - rename Adobe folder to oldAdobe

                          2)  /Users/"your user name"/Library/ApplicationSupport/Adobe -  rename Adobe folder to oldAdobe


                          -Are you able to remove and trash the application (CHC, help app)  from the Applications>Adobe folder?

                          -Home>Library>Preferences and delete chc.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1

                          -I'm assuming Adobe AIR is still installed.  If not try uninstalling from /Application/Utilities folder  "Adobe AIR Uninstaller"

                          and installing updated Runtime from:  http://get.adobe.com/air/


                          Try launching an installed AIR app if present on your system.

                          Try manually installing the application by downloading the Air file CHC from: http://www.adobe.com/support/chc/





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                            Nicketlareriksen Level 1

                            Hi Angarrid,


                            Thanks for the description. I have tried but I cannot rename the locked folder (new to MAC which is why I am so helpless). The other one was no problem and subsequently a new one was created during the process.


                            If I try to install the Air application through normal download, it installs and reports not problems. Following your description creates the following errors - depending if Air has been installed already or not. If not, the link you directed me to installs it during the process but still gives an error. Unfortunately :-) I DO press OPEN as the instruction says....

                            Skærmbillede 2010-06-15 kl. 22.59.18.pngSkærmbillede 2010-06-15 kl. 22.57.11.png

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                              angarrid Level 1

                              I'm assuming the folder that could not be renamed was the /Applications/Adobe folder?


                              Lets change permissions on this folder so that you can rename:

                              -Open Terminal  under /Applications/Utilities folder

                              -Terminal window should be opened:  at prompt type > cd

                              -Hit space bar to add space after "cd"

                              -Open your HD and find Applications folder.

                              -Drag folder to Terminal window

                              -Hit Enter.   This should have changed your path to the Applications folder.

                              -At Terminal prompt type > sudo chmod 777 Adobe

                              -Enter your login password if prompted

                              -This should changed permissions on the Adobe folder so that you can rename.


                              Make sure you update and  install Adobe AIR first.

                              When installing CHC  try to SAVE the CHC.air file to your desktop instead of OPEN.

                              Try running the installer from your desktop.

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                                Nicketlareriksen Level 1

                                Hi Angarrid,


                                THAT WORKED! Excellent - I didn't even get to "OPEN/SAVE" the installer just disappeared and the "Help Community" came up.


                                Frankly I got a little worried with all the terminal typing...thanks a million...do you work with Adobe?


                                BTW: What do I do with the "oldadobe" folder. There were some other things like acrobat etc. in there. Should I just copy that back? And how do I give you a trillion stars?!! I would just NEVER have been able to figure this out myself.


                                Kind regards,



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                                  angarrid Level 1


                                  Move pertinent folders back into respective paths, except of course for any old CHC items.

                                  Prompt for permissions maybe prompted.  This should be your login info.

                                  Yes, I'm part of the AIR team. Glad your AIR app is working now.

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                                    Your solution worked for me, too.


                                    Do I need to get another copy of Adobe Help.app or is the help.adobe.com version as good (or better, especially since it works)?



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                                      angarrid Level 1

                                      If an update to Adobe Help.app is available, it should prompt you and install.

                                      You can always grab the latest (Help app)  CHC AIR file from   http://www.adobe.com/support/chc/

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                                        adallaire Level 1



                                        That did it. I had been getting only the Photoshop pane. Thanks!


                                        BTW, the chc file in my Preferences folder had a different number.