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    create link to help topic from Flash file

      We have started using Flash to develop our online learning modules. So far they have been stand alone modules accessed from an internal web site, published as .EXEs. Our latest Flash module is related to a system for which we have an HTML help file. We'd like to embed the Flash module in the help file b/c we want a link in the Flash module to open a specific help topic.

      I can get individual .SWFs into the help file but these Flash modules are more complex, using many .SWFs for navigation, the TOC, the frame, and for each interaction. In other words, the main .SWF (or .EXE) calls many other .SWFs as the user navigates through the module.

      If I can't get the Flash module into the help file, and I can only link to it as an external file, can a link from within a .SWF in the Flash module open a specific help topic in the .CHM?

      Any other ideas?

      Thanks for your help,