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    Recording two sync applications with CP4


      I try to record two Windows applications (two executables) which interact each other : for example, from the application #1 I select a vehicule in a list and in the application #2 this vehicule is located on a map layer. One application is running on monitor 1 and the other is running on monitor 2 (dual monitors). I'd like to record a slide from the application #1 and then a slide of the result on the application #2. I can't manage to do it :

      - If I run one instance of Captivate 4, I can only choose one application

      - If I run two instances of Captivate 4 and if I choose application #1 for the first instance and application #2 for the second one, it doesn't work : when I run the second recording (click on the red point), nothing is recorded ...


      A workaround would be to record the slides for application #1 in project #1 and then for application #2 in project #2, and then copying (to the right location) the slides of project #2 inside the project #1 but I think is not a "stylish" method ...


      Thanks in advance for your advices !